If you need someone in your corner on a more long term basis I can work with you and your team to help you plan the roadmap, strategise with your team on how to use the roadmap and then walk along the path with you to make sure you kick goals along the way. As an approved advisor I have the skills and ability to listen and redirect as required. We will work on your whole business with a clear focus that the outcome is improved marketing and increased profits. 

Workshop Facilitation and Training

Need to keep the masses entertained and thinking? I can either run one of my own workshops at one of your conferences or I can run your workshop on your behalf. I am a qualified trainer and assessor and an experienced facilitator with a flair for public speaking.


I am a certified chair, which means that I have the skills and know-how to run your board meetings and ensure that the previous month’s objectives have been met. Being a chair means that I am your wing woman, I am there to guide, to advise and to help you make good decisions that mean you meet the charter goals.


Having someone on stage to represent your business is sometimes crucial to the success of an event. I can warm up a crowd, MC events and also speak on your behalf. I am an enigmatic speaker who brings the room to life and includes the audience in my presentations.

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