Board Starter program

As a Certified Chair and GAICD, I am qualified to deliver the board starter program which is a 90-day program which allows you to strategically develop your own charter and choose the right framework for your new advisory board.

Unpacking Mentoring Program

  • If you need to look at your business from another angle, invite Angie in to help you unpack your business and reframe your barriers to success.

    Developing an efficient growth strategy comes from doing the work to unpack, identify, accept and commit to change through your repacking process.

Recent Testimonials

  • I recently had the pleasure of being a student in a business class mentored by Angie.

    She presented the course in a way that was engaging, interesting and easy to understand. Angie obviously has the best interest of the students and their businesses at heart.

    Angie’s passion for business and teaching others ways of doing it better was evident. I learned a lot during the course thanks to Angie. She went above and beyond to ensure that every student had the resources and support they needed to succeed.

    I would highly recommend Angie to anyone looking to gain comprehensive understanding of business (marketing or otherwise). They will undoubtedly walk away with new and valuable skills and knowledge for running a successful business.

    Thanks Angie. Love your passion for what you do.

    Tara Carman CPA

    Registered Tax Agent
    BED (Hons) MCom (Hons)

  • Late last year I completed my Cert IV in Entrepreneurship & New Business through TAFE, delivered uniquely through six one on one mentoring sessions with an industry-leading expert.  I had the privilege of being mentored by the wonderful Angie Hammond of Garnish Marketing who was an absolute fountain of knowledge. With Angie’s guidance & the provided course materials, I was able to flesh out & develop a thorough business plan.

    Angie herself was extremely knowledgeable, personable, passionate & an absolute joy to work with. I always looked forward to our sessions & left brimming with ideas, full of inspiration, with a “to-do” list a mile long!

    The quality of my training was outstanding.  I was able to discuss specific business ideas with Angie & relate these to theory & have her bolster those ideas with her vast experience.  It wasn't a classroom environment where I had to “share” the mentor with others. 

    Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my training & got more out of it than I ever anticipated!

    Nicole Roberts

    Business Manager: First Light Fabrication

  • The advancement course we participated in was set up wonderfully. As Leanne and myself are disability clients. Angie explained each subject and point formed it to make the subject highlighted better.

    When things happened unplanned outside of tafe, Angie adapted to our circumstances, taking the pressure load off us as much as possible, but yet still kept us on track of the course.

    Angie is an amazing mentor and person. TAFE is so lucky to have Angie!

    Matthew Randall

    Ability ID

  • Working with Angie was a real eye opener, a very motivated individual with a serious goal to help people learn and accomplish their small business goals. Angie helped me to understand concepts that were difficult for me to realise, helping me achieve a larger & better understanding of my small business goals and what I needed to learn to improve the business’s current standing.

    Angie was foot to bum in making sure that I didn’t slack off, making sure I progressed and completed my course. Angie provided so much more information and help than the minimum ensuring my success during the course and for the future of my small business and its future success. I am very happy with the course and the results achieved. If I was to change anything it would be more one-on -one time with the mentor as I enjoy this more than reading and watching videos.

    Angie is an absolute pleasure to work with, professional, exciting and generous. I highly recommend and will work with Angie again in the near future.

    Megan Walters

    Megs Soap Boudoir

  • I recently completed the Cert IV in New Business & Entrepreneurship with the wonderful Angie. She is an outstanding teacher, who really knows her stuff. She makes the sometimes complex course material easy to understand and is always there with a helping hand.

    I am so glad I met Angie and did this course, it has helped  my professional career immensely and boosted my confidence as well. Thanks so much Angie.

    Kimberley Mather

    Director: Jewellery Collective

  • I was lucky enough to be accepted to the Entrepreneurship and New Business course in the second half of 2022.

    I found the course to be very comprehensive, relevant, and thoroughly delivered. Since the course wrapped up, I have been able to utilise many of the skills and strategies I learned in the two new businesses I have started.

    Angie Hammond was very supportive and available for the duration of the course and offered plenty of specific advice outside of the course content.

    I would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to start a new business or wanting to learn some skills to implement into an existing business.

    Matt Jones

    Aligned Wellness

  • Angie is a wealth of knowledge in business and marketing.

    Through her mentorship, I have accelerated my business, I have a plan to move ahead and continue to grow, and I feel confident in my skills to achieve my business goals.

    I am thankful to Angie for the support she has provided, and she made me feel comfortable throughout the process.

    Thanks for everything!

    Jenna Kenwright

    Jenna Kenwright Psychologist 

  • Enrolling into the Cert IV in Business and Entrepreneurship I was hoping to gain knowledge that would help me to run our small business. From the very first session with my Mentor, Angie, my expectations were exceeded. I learnt so much invaluable information general to the course and specific to our business. I was taught to step back and look at the business as a whole, the running of the business and where we are going. (In all honesty, after completing the course, it baffles me how blindly we were coasting along!)

    I enjoyed every minute of the course and didn’t even feel like I was studying, just learning what I was passionate about and improving the business. Angie is a fantastic Mentor, extremely knowledgeable and a lovely person, I looked forward to our mentoring sessions each time and disappointed now the course is completed!

    The only improvement I can suggest is I wish the course would go on for longer into to the Diploma etc as I found this way of teaching brilliant. Highly recommend this course and Angie as a mentor! :)

    Sylvia Jedras

    Office Manager: Shut It Solutions

  • I was mentored by Angie through the New Business and Entrepreneurship Program at Tafe. Angie guided me through the coursework in a very patient (I'm no easy student) and compassionate way whilst remaining focused and pushing me when I needed it.

    Angie is a sensational coach and mentor. She adapted to my needs and delivered the education in a way that felt tailored to me on a personal level. She made the experience of studying a Tafe course feel tailored, I felt like the course was there to serve me on my purpose and help me rather than try and force me to be a certain way which was the fear I had going into it probably due to my experience with high school.

    There's alot of value delivered in this course and I recommend it to anyone thinking about starting a small business or with an entrepreneurial mindset. The depth of knowledge, wisdom and experience as well as network that Angie brings to the table is incredible. I'm very grateful for the experience.

    Kev Pindelski

    Crafted Finishes

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Gavin Keeley

Gavin Keeley is an experienced technologist and business leader with a career spanning 4 decades in international consultancy and executive corporate roles across a diverse range of industry sectors, working in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

He has been at the (b)leading edge of commercialising emergent technologies, from the advent of the Personal Computer, through internet, cloud computing, to pioneering the commercial deployment of emergent Large Language Model AI and computer vision in classified Defence Intelligence projects since 2015.He has consistently been an early adopter, and has been featured in articles, and spoken
at conferences for several decades.

He has continually supported Queensland for instance having researched, then lobbied Federal, State, and Local Government for seven years, to establish an undersea fibre optic connection direct to the internet, with the network finally commissioned and operational in March 2020. He co-founded the Silicon Coast group in 2014, which has over 2,000 supporters, where he continues to mentor founders and support the growth of the region’s Digital Economy, and has also served as The President of SunCoast Angels.

In 2018, he was made a member of the Queensland Pearcey Entrepreneur Hall of Fame then in 2021 was inducted as a Fellow into the Australian Computer Society Hall of Fame for his distinguished contribution to the field of ICT in Australia, and in 2022 he was given a special achievement award by the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur for consistently contributing to a connected and inclusive Queensland innovation ecosystem.

He is an Adjunct Associate Professor at The University of The Sunshine Coast, serving as a current member of the Planning and Resources Committee of the University Council and was recently appointed Chair of Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay and Sunshine Coast, by Federal Minister Kristy McBain MP.

In 2023 he joined Flower Group as Venture Partnerships Director where he is currently working with CSIRO to commercialise their considerable IP catalogue.

“I’ve spent my entire life living in the future and I’m impatient for you all to join me there”.

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Ryan Hollis

Ryan Hollis is a distinguished sustainability expert with over 25 years of experience transforming business sustainability across manufacturing, construction and resources industries. As the Founder of everfocus, Ryan leverages his extensive real-world experience to guide businesses toward delivering maximum impact, growth, and long-term sustainability. His expertise spans industrial engineering, business improvement, and sustainability, making him an invaluable asset to any advisory board.

As a business owner, Ryan intimately understands the challenges businesses face when implementing change. His extensive experience across roles in Health and Safety, Transport and Logistics, Operations, Risk, Environment, Technology, Community, Major Projects, and External Affairs equip him with the insights needed to drive innovation and growth while managing stakeholder expectations. This unique perspective reassures businesses that they are in capable hands.

During his tenure as the Head of HSEC and External Affairs at BHP Manganese Australia, Ryan was not just a part of sustainability initiatives; he was the driving force behind them. His expertise in strategic planning, system design, governance, and community engagement across diverse geographic and regulatory environments adds unique value for his clients. Simon Marr, Managing Director of Marr Contracting, notes, "One of Ryan's key strengths is that he has come from an industry that arguably needs to change the most regarding sustainability, and he understands the commercial and organisational drivers that can impact change." Ryan has helped Marr Contracting source and utilise renewable diesel in their tower cranes, reducing carbon emissions by over 80%.

Ryan's advisory skills in external and regulatory ESG expectations for SMEs also include a detailed understanding of global trends driving sustainability and how supply chain dynamics influence local businesses. As part of the Next Level Education & Advisory Program, Ryan will bring his extensive experience to help local manufacturers identify and overcome sustainability challenges, driving profitability and sustainability.

Showcasing this potential is an ESG governance project recently delivered for an ASX-listed building fixtures manufacturing client. Ryan's guidance resulted in the proactive detection of significant waste in electricity and water use across their operations. The project also gave the CEO and board better transparency on where innovation must occur within their supply chain to remain competitive and sustainable.

Ryan holds an MBA in Entrepreneurship, a Bachelor of Engineering in Metallurgical Engineering, and an Advanced Diploma in Work Health and Safety. His academic background and professional experience prepare him to tackle complex sustainability challenges. Read his LinkedIn profile here.

With three young children and a deep affinity for the ocean and land, Ryan's passion for sustainability is profound. He believes that sustainable development is not just a professional pursuit but a personal mission. His dedication to preserving the environment for future generations is a testament to his character. "I'm happy if I can create, connect, illuminate, and lead businesses to be more sustainable, and I am particularly excited for the value we can create through the Next Level program," says Ryan, reflecting his unwavering commitment to making a lasting impact.

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Katrina Brennan

Katrina has been in the accounting profession since she was 19, starting as a junior and climbing through the ranks to Director of a mid-tier Brisbane city based firm before joining SRJ Walker Wayland on the Sunshine Coast as Principal. I have 30 years experience in the profession, working across any different industries.

Current roles:
Principal/Owner – SRJ Walker Wayland – Sunshine Coast
Director – Turbine Sunshine Coast
Mentor – Qld Government Mentoring for Growth
Caloundra Chamber of Commerce - Treasurer
Mindshop – Accredited Facilitator

Business advice
Tax consulting and compliance
Corporate transactions
Family Businesses
Strategic planning
Business mentoring

Katrina specialises in advising small, medium and large business clients engaged in activities across a variety of industries including professional services, building and construction, Manufacturers and service industries. Regularly assisting business owners with their personal affairs in addition to their business operations.

Forming good relationships with clients is very important to Katrina. She believes the more time she invests in relationships, the more she can learn about her clients and their businesses.

Katrina is a huge advocate for supporting her local community by helping business owners take control of their businesses – including setting up, selecting the right structure, growing in the right direction, at the right pace and getting the right systems and technology in place to support growth.

Katrina and the team have collaborated with industry groups and events to connect their clients with other businesses on the Sunshine Coast which has led to exciting new collaborations and partnerships. Sponsoring and partnering with industry events has seen the teamwork alongside industry groups such as Awesome Women in Construction, Caloundra Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturing Excellence Forum FAN and Sunshine Coast Business Awards.

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Rebecca Ramsay

Rebecca Ramsay is an accomplished business owner and qualified Coach, Advisor and Advisory Board Chair, dedicated to empowering business owners and leaders. With a dynamic and engaging communication style, Rebecca excels in understanding, developing, motivating, and focusing individuals through coaching and mentoring relationships. Her extensive experience spans both SMEs and corporate environments, providing her with a unique perspective on identifying improvement opportunities for both people and systems.

Throughout her career, Rebecca has owned and operated four businesses and has worked with hundreds more in her coaching and advisory practice. Additionally, she is skilled in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Advanced Insights Profiling, and is a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher.

Rebecca’s expertise is demonstrated through her current ventures. Through Clear Light Capital, she provides strategic advice and executive coaching to business leaders, focusing on growth, results, team development, and engagement. Whether you're a leader, executive, board member, investor, founder, or business owner, Rebecca helps you leverage your natural talents and those of your team to achieve success. She excels at uncovering areas that may have been overlooked, enhancing decision-making and leadership capabilities.

In addition, Rebecca is at the helm of LeverageMe, where the team partners with business owner-operators to deliver management matchmaking for businesses ready to secure General Manager support essential for growth and success.

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David Neal

David has extensive experience specializing in leadership, management, strategy, project management, and organisational change.

David is a highly energetic, charismatic, and committed leader who takes pride in inspiring others to reach their full potential and allowing organizations to find their competitive edge. David’s experience stems from fourteen years as a leader within the Australian Army as an Army Officer. He was directly responsible for managing highly diverse teams and projects ranging in size and complexity. He has specialist skills in raising, training, and sustaining teams, risk management, and significant hands-on experience understanding, analyzing, and developing group dynamics.

David Neal has previously been featured in Forbes magazine and developed an extensive follower base on LinkedIn. Recently, he has been acknowledged for the following awards: Top 200 Global Leaders (Leaders Hum), LinkedIn Top 20 Voices Australia, and Top 50 Innovative Coaches (Global Leaders Today).

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Chris Scott

I am an inspirational, results-driven business development leader specialising in individual and organisational alignment to personal and strategic intent. My resolve is to inspire leader and executive team performance to ensure results-oriented business outcomes. I am passionate about empowering individuals and organisations to reach their potential. Working with and guiding senior leaders, board directors, and executives to create exceptional outcomes or unveil considerable opportunities. I firmly believe that the path to individual and business success is empowerment over power … great leaders inspire leadership qualities in others’ capability to lead.

I bring more than 25 years’ experience as a Chief Executive in the health and corporate sector underpinned by a strong foundation of academic success and business acumen. I have gathered a myriad of skills and experiences which places me at the forefront to be a significant and practical resource for any business entity seeking tangible results.

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Scott Oxford

Scott has been a partner in creative agency New Word Order for nearly 20 years and heads creative and strategy. He is developing a new B2C and B2B2C SaaS business in the health and wellbeing space. He is also a certified advisory board chair.

He stays busy as a founder, creative, writer, strategist, facilitator, producer, speaker and podcaster.

He is driven by the power of human decision making across personal, professional, commercial and organisational spheres and the power of evidence to inform strategy that achieves change, either solving problem or unlocking potential.

Scott is a recognised expert in the separate, and sometimes, related, fields of brand and behaviour change. His work over the past few decades has focused individually on both disciplines, leading brand strategy and using brand to transform the leadership and prospects of businesses and organisations.
Scott has also led and written most of the behaviour change campaign projects produced by NWO over the last few decades. These campaigns have been independently proven to successfully empower people to make positive changes in their lives, from key personal decision making through to preventative health, safety, crisis management and ethical and sustainable choices. He led the development of the scientifically informed and proven behaviour change methodology the agency still successfully uses today. Scott is proud to know that all of this work contributes positively to people and the environment, and most importantly, that sometimes, it saves people’s lives.

Scott is an active thought leader in the brand space and hosts a podcast called BrandJam where he interviews leading minds across brand and marketing and encourages them to share their expertise.

He’s also developed many of the brand methodologies unique to the agency today and together with his agency team has developed a framework for evidence-based insights driven strategy around brand and has successfully implemented it across a wide range of businesses organisations and brand projects in government and private sector.

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Kevin Bennett

An experienced and motivated senior manager who has worked in Public and Private sectors, delivering a wide range of Performance andProcess Improvement Programs. This experience is being used to support the development and deployment of Strategic Plans, Improving Customer Satisfaction, Team Building, Coaching, Project Management, Business and Workforce Excellence, Leadership and Management Development, Financial and Operational Performance for organisations who want to improve their performance by building a positive culture to continuous improvement. 

An AICD Graduate, Founding Director / Advisory Group member for Manufacturing Excellence Forum and Vice-President Cleantech Network.

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Angie Hammond

Angie is an experienced, enthusiastic and determined advisor, mentor and marketer who has a mission to inspire, educate and transform small businesses into scaling businesses that thrive. With a passion for creating connections that bring opportunity and cohesion to a company, she has a slightly different view of the world where she sees pathways that can often be missed.

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and a number of years working on Advisory Boards, over 13 years as a mentor with programs such as Mentoring for Growth, Arc Hardware Hub, Ignite + program she is well equipped to listen, hear and then develop tangible and feasible solutions to sometimes tricky problems.

As a qualified trainer and assessor Angie is able to facilitate workshops and run courses with a passion that is palpable. As a certified chair and qualified company director she brings understanding of good governance and the importance of risk mitigation to the table. Working with hundreds of small and scaling companies over the past few years she has the understanding of what can and will throw a business off course and how to get it back on track.

With a passion for Advisory Boards and the understanding and experience in seeing just how transformative they can be, Angie has set up the Next Level program to deliver the understanding of what an Advisory Board can do for a small business that is on the cusp of growth.

Angie’s personal guarantee is that you will learn lots, you will love the process, you will not be bored and you will scale your businesses in the direction you want to go in and we will hold your hands whilst you do it. Its time to take your business to the Next Level.

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