Mentoring Program


If you need to look at your business from another angle, invite Angie in to help you unpack your business and reframe your barriers to success.

As your part time Marketing Director she will help you to develop an efficient growth strategy, which comes from doing the work to unpack, identify, accept and commit to change through your repacking process.

Working with you to take family and business to the next level.

With over 24 years of specialised marketing experience working with Small Businesses in Australia & NZ, Angie has developed a niche in helping manufacturing and industrial / trade sectors to grow.

Angie is a forward thinker who has an ability to identify gaps in the market, locate bottlenecks in business, create collaborations and connect various networks together to drive cohesive results.

As an author and speaker, her “unpacking” process often clears the deadwood that lay between you and success. Angie is passionate about innovation and the effective commercialisation of products.

INVESTMENT: Essentially for under $15,000 per year you will have a mentor who works with you on your business as a constant fixture. 


Foundation Level


Nothing that stands the test of time is built without good foundations. This is why unpacking the You of your business is the very first step in our process.

We will unpack:

  • You

  • Your Vision

  • Your Values

  • Your Why

  • Your Mistakes

  • Your Purpose

  • Your Passion

  • Your Perceptions

  • Your People

  • Your Processes

As you emerge from your foundation process you will have identified your reasons for getting out of bed in the morning, why you are doing what you do and we will have identified your values, passion and purpose. We will also have delved into what you want the perception of your business to be, your people and their capabilities and your current processes. With this critical information, we have the bones to build and shift your business from where it is, to a more efficient version that you enjoy running, your team buy into and you all get a sense of fulfilment from being part of.

The discovery section takes a full day with the key stakeholders in the business in person.

Then it will take two weeks to work on the report and recommendations to start the next process – selecting what to take on the rest of your journey. 


Level 2. Planning.

The Equipment Selection Process – What will you take with you?

Running a business requires you to wear a bunch of hats. Wearing all of them doesn’t work too well, so when you are considering what you will need on your revised and reimagined business journey remember that deciding who wears which hat and which ones suit each person best – is all part of the planning process. For example – You don’t need to take a sombrero to Antarctica.

The process of identifying objectives, reasons, tasks and who will do what is a bit of a selection process. So in the foundation section, you will have unpacked your reasons for what you want, so then you get to select what you take with you on your business journey and what you want to get out of the process.


This leads to:-

  • Happier sense of self purpose

  • Clearly defined goals

  • Better processes

  • Upskilled and happy staff

  • Better marketing

  • Improved brand exposure

  • Helpful customer service

  • Automation

  • Improved warehouse operations

  • Lean and flexible processes

  • Documented processes

  • Ability to meet standards

  • More sales

  • Increased profit

  • Repeat customers

This is a 3-month process.


equates to 3 hours per week for 3 months

Level 3. Roadmap

The Repacking Process

Deciding what you take with you on your business journey is important. Carrying surplus baggage, double handling tasks, retaining inefficiencies (staff and processes) need to stop.

The repacking process will give you a roadmap to how you will run your newly reimagined business. Your team will have an understanding of expectation and roles. Your customer service process will be redefined and sharpened up.

Your marketing will become relevant and pack a punch and sales will follow.

Repacking means that your Objectives are defined, your reasons for the change are agreed upon and the new process or task is developed and documented.
The repacking process comes with an all-important sidekick (me), I’ll be there to hold your hand throughout the process as an ongoing mentor or advisor.

This is an ongoing process.

This is charged out at $499+GST for 2 hour sessions which will be held monthly 

Level 4. Action

Get on Board – Implementation and Support

So you have done the work, you know what you are doing and why, everyone knows who is who in the zoo and what their role is, your processes are better defined and stress is at an all-time low.

So now it’s time to run with it.

Assess every month, benchmark to see if you are meeting your KPI’s and keep on evolving You are now into the implementation phase

This is an ongoing process.

We meet once a month in-person to check in, plus you have me on tap via zoom/phone to help as required.

As your mentor, I will guide you through this reinvention process and help you to develop new processes and documentation, systems and ways to measure your results.

This is an ongoing process.

COST: $499+GST for 2 hour sessions which can be either monthly or Quarterly depending on your needs

What clients say

“I often get approached by ‘marketing’ people who promise to help us attract extra attention from our customers. Usually, this means that I need to come up with the strategy and the messaging and all they do is work on making everything look visually appealing.

Angie is different. In my opinion, rare! She managed to distill our marketing issues down to their essence and cut right to the crux in such a short time. All without much prompting. Angie was able to immediately think through our marketing deficiencies and opportunities and provide quick fire, yet meaningful strategies that we could instantly get to work on implementing. She is a clever strategist as much as a great marketer!”

Ryan Norris. Vayeron.

“Angie is very insightful in positioning businesses around their marketing messages and through careful questioning drawing out the key themes and competitive advantages that the business can use to sell its products.

She follows up with mentees and offers help above and beyond expectations. Angie offered to help with reviewing our key marketing documents and followed up to check progress during the redrafting process.

Angie provides very positive and enthusiastic advice. Her enthusiasm really is very infectious, which helps boost morale.

I am very happy to endorse Angie.”

Luke Berry. Clean & Recover.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Angie, her experience has helped us with planning and preparing a solid business strategy and her experience in the industry has helped guide us to better understand our value and the value we bring to the table for our clients.

I would strongly recommend Angie as she is experienced, easy to work with and takes a genuine interest in your business and your needs.” 

Mitchell Menezes – Phoenix Laser Cleaning

“If you are looking for a down-to-earth, straight talking marketing and mentoring professional then you, as I do, will relish working with Angie. I have been utilising Angie’s services on a whole range of marketing strategies for my business. I engage Angie in both a marketing and mentoring role – she is understanding, supportive and infuses me with the knowledge and confidence that I am capable of achieving great things.”

Marisa Netherwood – Vape Revolution Australia

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