It’s time to unpack with Angie

Unpacking will help you to unpack yourself so you can repack and live a happier life with a clearer outlook, less the baggage.

The book will take you on a journey through countries, decades, life moments and mistakes. It discusses being a loner, having confidence issues, bullying, noticing behaviour patterns, travelling, love, fear, relationships, parenthood, running a business whilst being a parent, depression, happiness, losing your identity, clawing back your identity, marriage, guilt, forgiveness and spirituality and so much more.


“I haven’t read a book that has provoked such thoughtful reflection for a long time. It’s been so validating to see similar experiences and thoughts reflected back at me with each page I read. 

I keep reading and thinking, I thought it was just me who felt like that!?”

Pearl Krupa – Australia

“Unpacking is raw, insightful and provoking. Angie Hammond’s debut is a free-flowing expression of personal and identity challenges mixed with humour and sincerity. Beautiful life lessons are shared from early adulthood to date. It is an engaging retelling of a life journey, being both a physical and a spiritual one.

The courage to be completely honest invites the reader to immerse their own thoughts, in turn provoking personal reflections and observations. A wonderful read.”

Lisa Cunning – Australia

“I read your book from start to finish today, I loved your stories, lessons learnt, key messages and the exercises throughout”

Janelle Bostock (Women’s Network Australia) – Australia

Getting Started

First things first!


Cast your memory back and think about all those moments in your life when you made pivotal decisions that if you had decided to take another path would have changed your destiny. 

Then consider why you made the decision you did. 

Now its time to decide what makes you tick!


Note to you – you are perfectly adequate just as you are. What you choose to pay attention to – is your choice, but if you measure your achievements or current status by someone else’s yardstick, chances are you are going to feel inadequate. 

Let’s work out what your metric value system is – so you give attention to the things that matter to you – not someone else and that you are adequately valued for it. 

Next step


We are all different, look at those memories and consider what it is about those experiences and your decision to do that thing that has led you to this place.  

Do you notice any trends and patterns in your ability to make decisions? 

Time to get rid of the baggage


See all that junk, self dis-belief, negative thought patterns, poor self esteem and an inability to delegate to ask for help can be thrown in the bin. Its time to get rid of the baggage and re pack your lighter suitcase so your travels into the next stage of your life are less weighed down. 

Once you have worked out what you want to discard, keep or work on, then its time to work on the same process for your business and your staff. 

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