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As a Certified Chair and GAICD, I am qualified to deliver the board starter program which is a 90-day program which allows you to strategically develop your own charter and choose the right framework for your new advisory board.

The Board Starter Program is the most important component of establishing the right governance framework for your business. This guide is a blueprint in establishing quality protocols, helping you to make key decisions on how you will execute and support your strategy long term.

This program consists of:

  • an online questionnaire
  • 3 half-day meetings over 3 months.

Program Structure


Activity: Growth Assessment

You will complete an online survey prior to your first meeting. Your certified chair will review the report results with you in the Establishment meeting to better understand the business priorities that are important to you.


Activity: 90 Day Establishment Meeting

This meeting will review your Growth Assessment and commence a governance checklist to get things done during this process.

As we take a practical approach to governance and board development, this enables you to review your internal governance, business planning and business practices. An action plan will be created with you to address any gaps you may have in your governance foundations in 90 days.


Activity: Governance Structure Meeting

This meeting will review your progress on your 90-day plan.

You will also take a deeper dive in understanding where value is created and lost in your business using the Value Chain Assessment. Critical thinking and slow evaluation has many benefits in the long term. This meeting is a “step back” to enable you to “step forward” to gain greater confidence in the long term.

A key outcome of this meeting is the creation of your longer-term pathway for your governance structure. Pending on your progress and business needs you will articulate:

  • The business stage you are in
  • A measured goal for the next 18 months
  • Board structure options
  • Key priorities for management, directors and your board
  • Identify the Advisor, Expert or Director profiles

At this stage, you may or may not be ready to submit an Expression of Interest to start connecting with Advisors. Your Certified Chair will do this with you.


Activity: Governance Framework Meeting

This meeting will finalise your governance framework. If a Formalised Advisory Board is the right path for you and your action plan is completed, the outcomes from this meeting include:

  • A completed Advisory Board Charter
  • Advisor Interview preparation
  • Meeting calendar and approach established
  • Meeting Agenda structure
  • Preparation for the Advisor Orientation
  • Finalisation of your Board Pack including:
    • Business Plan
    • Financial Pack
    • Directors Declaration
    • Business Growth Assessment
    • You may also have other documentation pending on your Advisory Board Charter

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