About Angie

  • Company Director – GAICD

  • Certified Chair

  • Approved Advisor

  • Experienced Marketer (17 years)- Garnish Marketing

  • Experienced Mentor (8 years) Mentoring for Growth, Ignite + program & others

  • Workshop Facilitator & Speaker

  • Trainer & Assessor – Small Business Solutions – (TAFE)

I specialise in the manufacturing, engineering and industry sectors.

The humble beginnings

Originally hailing from London, Angie has been in Australia for over 20 years and am now a proud citizen. 

I am a mum of two boys who are both gorgeous humans with their heads screwed on and their minds as bright as buttons. I am a wife to a fantastic human who supports my every move, his building company is thriving which keeps him busy when he is not being an Ironman. 

Having spent 8 years working in the textile industry in both the UK and Australia, then a few years in other sectors it was clear that marketing was my focus. Over the years I have developed a passion for understanding people, human behaviour and why we do the things we do. In recent years I literally “unpacked” myself in book form. This process was necessary and cathartic, it made me understand myself which allows me to see how others can do the same. 

As a marketer who spends a lot of time mentoring clients and assisting them to find better ways to run their business it seems like natural progression to take my skill sets to the boardroom (or kitchen table in some cases) to help small and scaling businesses to thrive. 

These days I find myself working with clients to unpack their business and then repack to help manage their businesses better. This is done through the deep dive in the beginning stages, followed by the development of robust plans, a considered marketing pitch and a suite of capabilities that showcase their differences, processes, products and their people to the market.

Often the repacking process is a large piece of work that sees us working on things like who is who in the zoo, their workflows and customer service – all of which need to be marketed to matter.  You can have the best product in the world but if your company is hard to work with, loyalty will not follow. 

I am passionate about how manufacturing and Industry can be more socially responsible and sustainable. As business owners it is imperative that we work collectively to try and help attain the sustainable development goals set by the UN. Part of the unpacking piece works towards where the company is at and how far they have to go to be a truly sustainable and responsible company. 


My personal mission to help small businesses and organisations to grow, scale and improve processes, which in turns feeds the need to train, educate, upgrade and improve, resulting in a better economy.


Gratitude goes a long way in my world, its what makes me tick.

What I bring to the table

I am an experienced mentor, marketer, trainer, facilitator and business owner with exceptional communication skills and an understanding of human behaviour, I bring to the table a host of real-world experience dealing with people from the small business sectors across a variety of industries but mostly in the manufacturing and trade sectors.

As a GAICD, I have skills in helping businesses to build capacity and demonstrate their capabilities through the development and distribution of strategically planned marketing and business development tactics. I see connections that others often miss and I am good at weaving the golden thread of continuity through good practice and a considered approach.

Who I want to work with

I would like to make a difference, I see value in working with companies whose outcomes and objectives are for the greater good of all concerned. I am personally interested in sustainability and how we can collectively help meet the UN’s sustainable development goals but I have lots of experience in manufacturing and industrial based companies.

Ideally, I would work with manufacturers who want to become more sustainable and grow their businesses strategically to increase profit and penetrate new markets.

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Recent Testimonials

  • I recently had the pleasure of being a student in a business class mentored by Angie.

    She presented the course in a way that was engaging, interesting and easy to understand. Angie obviously has the best interest of the students and their businesses at heart.

    Angie’s passion for business and teaching others ways of doing it better was evident. I learned a lot during the course thanks to Angie. She went above and beyond to ensure that every student had the resources and support they needed to succeed.

    I would highly recommend Angie to anyone looking to gain comprehensive understanding of business (marketing or otherwise). They will undoubtedly walk away with new and valuable skills and knowledge for running a successful business.

    Thanks Angie. Love your passion for what you do.

    Tara Carman CPA

    Registered Tax Agent
    BED (Hons) MCom (Hons)

  • Late last year I completed my Cert IV in Entrepreneurship & New Business through TAFE, delivered uniquely through six one on one mentoring sessions with an industry-leading expert.  I had the privilege of being mentored by the wonderful Angie Hammond of Garnish Marketing who was an absolute fountain of knowledge. With Angie’s guidance & the provided course materials, I was able to flesh out & develop a thorough business plan.

    Angie herself was extremely knowledgeable, personable, passionate & an absolute joy to work with. I always looked forward to our sessions & left brimming with ideas, full of inspiration, with a “to-do” list a mile long!

    The quality of my training was outstanding.  I was able to discuss specific business ideas with Angie & relate these to theory & have her bolster those ideas with her vast experience.  It wasn't a classroom environment where I had to “share” the mentor with others. 

    Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my training & got more out of it than I ever anticipated!

    Nicole Roberts

    Business Manager: First Light Fabrication

  • The advancement course we participated in was set up wonderfully. As Leanne and myself are disability clients. Angie explained each subject and point formed it to make the subject highlighted better.

    When things happened unplanned outside of tafe, Angie adapted to our circumstances, taking the pressure load off us as much as possible, but yet still kept us on track of the course.

    Angie is an amazing mentor and person. TAFE is so lucky to have Angie!

    Matthew Randall

    Ability ID

  • Working with Angie was a real eye opener, a very motivated individual with a serious goal to help people learn and accomplish their small business goals. Angie helped me to understand concepts that were difficult for me to realise, helping me achieve a larger & better understanding of my small business goals and what I needed to learn to improve the business’s current standing.

    Angie was foot to bum in making sure that I didn’t slack off, making sure I progressed and completed my course. Angie provided so much more information and help than the minimum ensuring my success during the course and for the future of my small business and its future success. I am very happy with the course and the results achieved. If I was to change anything it would be more one-on -one time with the mentor as I enjoy this more than reading and watching videos.

    Angie is an absolute pleasure to work with, professional, exciting and generous. I highly recommend and will work with Angie again in the near future.

    Megan Walters

    Megs Soap Boudoir

  • I recently completed the Cert IV in New Business & Entrepreneurship with the wonderful Angie. She is an outstanding teacher, who really knows her stuff. She makes the sometimes complex course material easy to understand and is always there with a helping hand.

    I am so glad I met Angie and did this course, it has helped  my professional career immensely and boosted my confidence as well. Thanks so much Angie.

    Kimberley Mather

    Director: Jewellery Collective

  • I was lucky enough to be accepted to the Entrepreneurship and New Business course in the second half of 2022.

    I found the course to be very comprehensive, relevant, and thoroughly delivered. Since the course wrapped up, I have been able to utilise many of the skills and strategies I learned in the two new businesses I have started.

    Angie Hammond was very supportive and available for the duration of the course and offered plenty of specific advice outside of the course content.

    I would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to start a new business or wanting to learn some skills to implement into an existing business.

    Matt Jones

    Aligned Wellness

  • Angie is a wealth of knowledge in business and marketing.

    Through her mentorship, I have accelerated my business, I have a plan to move ahead and continue to grow, and I feel confident in my skills to achieve my business goals.

    I am thankful to Angie for the support she has provided, and she made me feel comfortable throughout the process.

    Thanks for everything!

    Jenna Kenwright

    Jenna Kenwright Psychologist 

  • Enrolling into the Cert IV in Business and Entrepreneurship I was hoping to gain knowledge that would help me to run our small business. From the very first session with my Mentor, Angie, my expectations were exceeded. I learnt so much invaluable information general to the course and specific to our business. I was taught to step back and look at the business as a whole, the running of the business and where we are going. (In all honesty, after completing the course, it baffles me how blindly we were coasting along!)

    I enjoyed every minute of the course and didn’t even feel like I was studying, just learning what I was passionate about and improving the business. Angie is a fantastic Mentor, extremely knowledgeable and a lovely person, I looked forward to our mentoring sessions each time and disappointed now the course is completed!

    The only improvement I can suggest is I wish the course would go on for longer into to the Diploma etc as I found this way of teaching brilliant. Highly recommend this course and Angie as a mentor! :)

    Sylvia Jedras

    Office Manager: Shut It Solutions

  • I was mentored by Angie through the New Business and Entrepreneurship Program at Tafe. Angie guided me through the coursework in a very patient (I'm no easy student) and compassionate way whilst remaining focused and pushing me when I needed it.

    Angie is a sensational coach and mentor. She adapted to my needs and delivered the education in a way that felt tailored to me on a personal level. She made the experience of studying a Tafe course feel tailored, I felt like the course was there to serve me on my purpose and help me rather than try and force me to be a certain way which was the fear I had going into it probably due to my experience with high school.

    There's alot of value delivered in this course and I recommend it to anyone thinking about starting a small business or with an entrepreneurial mindset. The depth of knowledge, wisdom and experience as well as network that Angie brings to the table is incredible. I'm very grateful for the experience.

    Kev Pindelski

    Crafted Finishes

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