About Angie

  • Company Director – GAICD

  • Certified Chair

  • Approved Advisor

  • Experienced Marketer (17 years)- Garnish Marketing

  • Experienced Mentor (8 years) Mentoring for Growth & others

  • Workshop Facilitator & Speaker

  • Trainer & Assessor – Small Business Solutions – (TAFE)

I specialise in the manufacturing, engineering and industry sectors.

The humble beginnings

Originally hailing from London, Angie has been in Australia for over 20 years and am now a proud citizen. 

I am a mum of two boys who are both gorgeous humans with their heads screwed on and their minds as bright as buttons. I am a wife to a fantastic human who supports my every move, his building company is thriving which keeps him busy when he is not being an Ironman. 

Having spent 8 years working in the textile industry in both the UK and Australia, then a few years in other sectors it was clear that marketing was my focus. Over the years I have developed a passion for understanding people, human behaviour and why we do the things we do. In recent years I literally “unpacked” myself in book form. This process was necessary and cathartic, it made me understand myself which allows me to see how others can do the same. 

As a marketer who spends a lot of time mentoring clients and assisting them to find better ways to run their business it seems like natural progression to take my skill sets to the boardroom (or kitchen table in some cases) to help small and scaling businesses to thrive. 

These days I find myself working with clients to unpack their business and then repack to help manage their businesses better. This is done through the deep dive in the beginning stages, followed by the development of robust plans, a considered marketing pitch and a suite of capabilities that showcase their differences, processes, products and their people to the market.

Often the repacking process is a large piece of work that sees us working on things like who is who in the zoo, their workflows and customer service – all of which need to be marketed to matter.  You can have the best product in the world but if your company is hard to work with, loyalty will not follow. 

I am passionate about how manufacturing and Industry can be more socially responsible and sustainable. As business owners it is imperative that we work collectively to try and help attain the sustainable development goals set by the UN. Part of the unpacking piece works towards where the company is at and how far they have to go to be a truly sustainable and responsible company. 


My personal mission to help small businesses and organisations to grow, scale and improve processes, which in turns feeds the need to train, educate, upgrade and improve, resulting in a better economy.


Gratitude goes a long way in my world, its what makes me tick.

What I bring to the table

I am an experienced mentor, marketer, trainer, facilitator and business owner with exceptional communication skills and an understanding of human behaviour, I bring to the table a host of real-world experience dealing with people from the small business sectors across a variety of industries but mostly in the manufacturing and trade sectors.

As a GAICD, I have skills in helping businesses to build capacity and demonstrate their capabilities through the development and distribution of strategically planned marketing and business development tactics. I see connections that others often miss and I am good at weaving the golden thread of continuity through good practice and a considered approach.

Who I want to work with

I would like to make a difference, I see value in working with companies whose outcomes and objectives are for the greater good of all concerned. I am personally interested in sustainability and how we can collectively help meet the UN’s sustainable development goals but I have lots of experience in manufacturing and industrial based companies.

Ideally, I would work with manufacturers who want to become more sustainable and grow their businesses strategically to increase profit and penetrate new markets.

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