The evolution of self and brand takes time, hard work and careful consideration

In the early days (circa 2006) Garnish was created to give small businesses a way to add that touch of something different, that little finishing touch – you know the green stuff you find on your steak – Garnish

For 15 years we have diligently marketed and re shaped small businesses to make them visible, targeted and prosperous. When the Brisbane floods hit in 2010 things “really hit the skids” to quote Paul Kelly.  We had to diversify, so we went where the money was out in Regional QLD and Roma welcomed us with open arms. With the help of the Maranoa Regional Council we adapted and re-emerged stronger and with a new focus – Manufacturing & Industry. 

Ten years later and another shift has given us the time, headspace and funding to pivot once again. To us, COVID has been an opportunity – because as you will read in my book “Unpacking” every problem, every mistake, every monumental decision, comes with a response – you get to choose how you respond to life’s curveballs – we responded with strength and agility. We responded with upskilling, reshaping and redefining what it was that Garnish was and personally what I wanted from it. This opportunity – it wasn’t wasted. 

Writing my book, literally unpacking myself and who I am and then displaying this to the world in 2018, gave me the self belief and courage to reinvent myself and my pathway. COVID gave me the leg up to do something about all these pipe dreams. 

The beautiful butterfly is slowly emerging, the development of the Angie Hammond brand is here, it’s live, I will always have work to do so there is no point in waiting until the husk has been completely cast off. I will always be learning, but right now I am an approved advisor, certified chair, an aspiring AICD graduate (work in progress) and I am also studying Sustainable Living Diploma. I am passionate, interested and ready for a challenge that sees me unpacking and re shaping manufacturing and industrial businesses to help them to scale up, improve their capabilities and sustainability – then guide them to effectively market that. 

My feeling is that this is what we need to do as a global economy, this is what marketing should be, it should be about the value that underpins us, the genuine give back, what we do to make us better as businesses and service providers and product suppliers. It should be about the quality and adherence to accepting minimum standards. Marketing should not be about discounts and deals, undercutting or saying derogatory things about competitors. It’s time for a mind shift.

From a strategic direction I want to see Australia rise, to see the regeneration of Australian Manufacturing because we deliver quality, standards, we deliver on time, we create long term, long lasting solutions to a global market with pride. 

  • As an advisor I want to help small manufacturers and industrial businesses to scale up
  • As a chair I want to guide a board to meeting clear defined objectives to maintain growth
  • As a mentor I want to support the owners both personally and professionally
  • As a marketer I want to make sure businesses say the right things to the right people at the right time
  • As someone interested in how we can all help to achieve the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals, I want to educate, advocate and ovulate solutions so that by 2030 we actually have a chance of meeting expectations. 

I have my mandate, I know where I am going and I’m really excited about what the future holds.

If you think you want to unpack and re-evolve too then I’m happy to

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