Right where you are – is where you are.

Last weekend I played a game of basketball with my ten-year-old, I wasn’t playing by the rules, in fact, I was dodging the rules and laughing my head off – it was fun. As the afternoon Queensland sun beat down on us we relaxed and just played. It’s a cracking memory (literally). 

I stole the ball from him, he ran after me and I ran away with the ball, I aimed for the hoop and dismally missed, but it didn’t matter it was fun. I chased after the ball, I was closer and faster than Zak so I knew I’d get it. Just as I jumped off of the concrete court I landed in a small divot in the ground and rolled my ankle. I fell to the ground with an audible snap. Bugger!

Since then I have been in physio, had X-rays and ultrasounds. The good news is that it is not broken or fractured – just badly ruptured. So what does this teach me?

Maybe I should have played by the rules – wouldn’t have been as hilarious – but I’d still be walking normally and less like someone on the chain gang. 

Maybe I should look where I am going – hindsight is awesome. 

But maybe I am exactly where I am supposed to be – albeit with a sore ligament. 

With my ailment, I have been more mindful about where I walk to or chose to go to. Because before I was just walking or running or both endlessly and sometimes aimlessly doing way too much, too fast and without purpose. So learning to slow down is an interesting and useful skill. 

I have also completed more of my Sustainability Diploma which Im soaking up like a woman who should quite possibly have completed the first degree I started in Landscape Architecture (but then I wouldn’t have made it to Australia and wouldn’t be doing what I am doing now). 

See life happens to us, and we happen to life. We can look back with nostalgia and we can think that we are supposed to be doing other things, but it is what it is and being happy where you are is the true key to internal peace. 

So I embrace my sore ankle as I reinvigorate my brand, write my blogs, hang with my boys’ during school holidays, crack on with my course and supervise other people moving stones and mulch in my garden that would have otherwise been my job (sneaky – haha). 

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